Keep Your Property Safe and Clean

Keep Your Property Safe and Clean

Inspections by Pat offers commercial and residential mold inspections in Houston, TX

Mold can be a problem for any property owner. Mold can affect your health and worsen conditions like asthma. For a commercial or residential mold inspection in Houston, TX, turn to Inspections by Pat, LLC. Our licensed inspector will examine your property to find the source of your mold problem.

We'll help you resolve your mold issue. Email us today if you need a commercial mold inspection.

Our 3-step mold inspection process

When you need a commercial or residential mold inspection, don't look any further than our professional. When he's on the job, he'll:

  1. Check your property for mold
  2. Identify the source of the mold
  3. Recommend professionals for removal

Our inspector will help you get in touch with a mold remediation expert so you can take care of your mold problem quickly. Call us now if it's time for a commercial mold inspection.